Paddling Gloves Ideal for Dragon Boat, SUP, OC and other Watersports

Vendor: Hornet Watersports Australia
  • SUPER GRIP – Don’t let your paddle slip in the water or lose your grip when rowing on your ergometer. The palm portion of our glove is super anti slip and is made of durable silicone.
  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS from painful blisters and developing calluses. These gloves are unisex and won’t restrain your dexterity.
  • EASY TO CARRY- Light and small enough to carry in your paddle bag. Washing machine safe.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE- Our half fingerless training gloves can be used for different sports and activities including indoor rowing, sculling, kayaking, paddle boarding, OC, dragon boating, paddlesports, Crossfit, gym training, weight lifting and more.



50% SBR, 35% polyester, 10% nylon, 5% spandex



For glove size selection, please refer to the sizing chart in the pictures. In order to better select the appropriate glove size, using a measuring tape, please measure the circumference of your hand lying flat and do not include your thumb in the measuring.


XS - 6.5"-7" 

S - 7”-7.5”

M - 7.5”-8”

L - 8”-8.5”

XL - 8.5”-9.5”



S glove dimensions: Length of 5.24” (13.3 CM), Width of 3.70” (9.4 CM)

M glove dimensions: Length of 5.47” (13.9 CM), Width of 3.86” (9.8 CM)

L glove dimensions: Length of 5.71 (14.5 CM), Width of 4.02 (10.2 CM)

XL glove dimensions: Length of 5.95 (15.1 CM), Width of 4.33 (11 CM)

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