AUS Collection

  • Hornet Watersports
  • 1 Year Product Warranty
  • IDBF Approved Carbon Fibre Dragon Boat Paddle
  • Modified T-Grip for Comfort
  • 350 to 410g

Introducing the Hornet Watersports RAGE dragon boat paddle
The Hornet Watersports Rage dragon boat paddle is IDBF spec202a approved (License 3522).

What makes us different from other dragon boat paddle manufacturers?
We print our graphics inside the blade. No water stickers, no paint finish or clear coating. This means no sacrificing quality for design.

- The inside of the blade is made of PMI Foam
- The edge of the paddle is reinforced with solid fibre glass
- 1 piece between the shaft and blade


AUS Dragon Guard (Tip Protector)

Protect your dragon boat paddle with the "Dragon Guard". The Dragon Guard is made of silicone and fits in your pocket when you are in the boat. This tip protector will fit any IDBF approved paddle. 


     Limited Edition Country Design

    •  AUS
    AUS Hornet Paddle Blade Cover

    Protect your dragon boat paddle with the AUS Hornet Blade Cover.  

    • Back zip pocket for your cell phone, keys and wallet. 
    • Fits all IDBF approved paddles
    • Durable blade cover
    • Nylon zipper

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